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 Glossary of Terms
Please click on a letter below to view terms beginning with that letter.
Tare Weight
The weight of a container and the material used for packing; the weight of a vehicle exclusive of its content.
A book (loose leaf or bound) which lists a schedule of transportation rates and charges.
Through Rate
A rate applicable through from point of origin to destination. A through rate may be either a joint rate or combination of two or more local rates.
TL Matrix
A chart detailing the minimum charges between specific divisions or a schedule of freight.
Trailer Interchange
Transfer of trailer with or without lading from one transportation line to another.
Transport Operator
Driver of intercity road equipment. Also known as, road drivers, etc..
Two semi-trailer boxes hooked in combination, drawn by a single tractor, the front unit supported by the tractor, the rear one by a dolly.
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