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 Glossary of Terms
Please click on a letter below to view terms beginning with that letter.
Either a semi or a set of pups which would be dispatched in one move.
Section Seven
A section on the Bill of Lading which when signed by the shipper relieves the shipper of any responsibility for the collect freight charges, even if they are not paid by the consignee who is responsible for the charges.
A freight hauling trailer without motor power designed to be drawn by a tractor and so constructed that some part of its weight and that of its load rests upon, or is carried by the towing vehicle.
Shipper's Load and Count
A term denoting that the contents of a vehicle were loaded and counted by the shipper and not checked or verified by the transportation line.
Shipping Order
The carrier's copy of the Bill of Lading showing instructions of shippers to carrier for forwarding of goods.
Short Haul
A distance of less than 500 miles often referred to as regional traffic.
A deficiency in quantity shipped.
Shrink Wrap
Plastic film that is placed around boxes or other small containers of freight to keep them together.
Shuttle (Driver)
An employee assigned to run units from the consolidation center to an end of the line terminal and then reverse the process.
Split Pickup or Delivery
An accesorial service of picking up or delivering volume shipments at more than one place within confines of origin or destination point.
Stem Time
Non-productive time for drivers (i.e. waiting in line at customer's facility to make a delivery).
Stop in Transit to Finish Loading or Unloading
An accesorial service of stopping volume shipments to complete loading or to partially unload at points intermediate between origin and final destination when provided for in appropriate tariffs.
Straight Truck
A single pick up and delivery unit not having separate tractor & trailer units.
A charge above the usual or customary charge.
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