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 Glossary of Terms
Please click on a letter below to view terms beginning with that letter.
Local hauling between locations in the same town, city or contiguous municipalities. Usually it is the local movement of a less than truckload (LTL) shipment.
Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
Authority of certificate granted by Interstate Commerce Commission or other regulatory body to common carriers by motor vehicle or water to operate as such.
Class 1 Motor Carriers
Common or contract motor carrier having average gross operating revenues (including interstate and intrastate), of $1,000,000 or over annually from motor carrier operations.
Class and Commodity Tariff
A tariff containing both class and commodity rates.
Class Rate
A rate applicable to the class to which an article is assigned in the classification or exception to the classification.
Class Tariff
A tariff containing only class rates.
Classification (Freight)
A publication containing a list of articles and the classes to which they are assigned for the purpose of applying class rates, together with governing rules and regulations.
A term denoting that transportation charges are to be paid at the point of destination (by the receiver).
Combination Through Rate
A through rate made by combining two or more rates.
Commodity Rate
A rate applicable to a specfic commodity or group of commodities or named in the tariff containing the rate.
Commodity Tariff
A tariff containing only commodity rates.
Common Carrier
A person or firm engaged in the transportation of passengers or property for hire for the general public.
Concealed Damages
A damage to the contents of a package which is in good order externally.
Concealed Loss
A loss from a package bearing no indication of having been opened.
The person or firm to whom articles are shipped.
The person or firm by whom articles are shipped.
Consolidated Center
A location where freight is combined and redistributed.
Contract Carrier
By motor vehicles, any person not a common carrier, who under special and individual contracts or agreements, transports property by motor vehicle for compensation.
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